Upcoming Events!

Vigil Honoree Weekend and Gathering

October 6th – 7th

All Lodge Vigil members are invited to attend the weekend and ceremony, and honor our newest Vigil Honors. We will be meeting at Camp Davy Crockett at 7:00 p.m. on October 6th for dinner with the weekend events to follow. The cost for the weekend is $15 – Please call the Sequoyah Council Service Center at (423) 952-6961 to register, or get additional information.

Work Day at CDC

October 14 2017

We will work to dismantle and move the current seating from the OA circle. Working with Ranger Jeff we will be having a second work day to build new seating. Please arrive at Camp Davy Crockett at 8:30 am, bring gloves and a water bottle. We should be finished before lunch, however, bring a bag lunch if you feel that you will need to eat before 12:30.

Lodge Executive Committee Meeting

October 28th – Sequoyah Council Service Center

We will be meeting at 6:30 p.m. at the Sequoyah Council Service Center to discuss upcoming Lodge business and finalize events. We encourage all Arrowmen to attend and help their Chapter Chief make an informed decision.

Lodge Leadership Development

November 17th-19th – Gatlinburg, TN

Lodge Leadership Development (LLD) is a weekend training event hosted by the Lodge in Gatlinburg, TN. We will spend the weekend participating in the highest caliber training sessions led by special guests and some of the Region’s top trainers, as well as in fellowship. Sequoyah Lodge has been chosen to Beta Test the Brand New National LLD Program – this means we will be some of the very first Arrowmen to see and participate in new national standard for lodge trainings! While this weekend is geared toward our Arrowmen, we HIGHLY encourage families to come down with them for the weekend and take advantage of group pricing on the hotel rooms as well as the holiday shopping sales! There will be plenty of time throughout the weekend for families and Arrowmen to meet up and spend time together, so why not come on down for a little vacation!?!? To register, call the Sequoyah Council Service Center at (423) 952-6961. The cost for the weekend covers hotel rooms for Friday night and Saturday night, breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, lunch and training materials for our Arrowmen on Saturday, and will be as follows:  

 YOUTH Arrowmen (ages 20 and younger) – $75 per person, 4 people to a room

 ADULT Arrowmen (ages 21 and older) – $110 per person, 2 people to a room

 Family Rooms – $210 per room plus $15 per person attending training

 OR: Come for just the day training for $25 each – pay onsite.